Research Project 

“Standards for the promotion of eCommerce 

 in the German Health Care System (eCG)” 

Government-funded by the German ministry of economics and technology (BMWi) 

in the frame of the initiative “Standardize business processes, assure success”


Project Targets 

Ø  Analysis of currently utilized eCommerce Standards in the German Health Care System (GHCS) 

Ø  Increasing the availability and spreading eCommerce Standards in the GHCS 

Ø  The creation of an optimized serial interface specification for IT solution providers in eCommerce concerning the GHCS 

Ø  The increase of patient safety and medical treatment quality 

Ø  The simplification of the according processes 

Ø  Electronic networking of the stakeholders 

Ø  Simple integration solutions for software providers 

Ø  Knowledge-base for standardization in the GHCS


Project Specification 

The mastering of semantic interoperability can be reached through the use of an integrative electronic standard. This standard ensures f. e. the continuous connection between the hospital IT-System and its materials logistic system, the provider transaction platform as well as the warehouse management of the distributors.

At present, there is no standard available that fulfills all the requirements. Above all, the establishment of a new created standard will fail because of the plenty of other standards that are already in use. The goal is now to create a new and functional connection between existing electronic standards and to profit from unutilized resources.

The central purpose of eCG lies in the creation of a common valid implementation guideline. This instrument enables the boundless exchange of electronic data at its best. Therefore, actors and transactions will be determined - to map their integration into the procurement process. 


Project Structure 

eCG contains thirteen defined work packages (WP): 

WP 1     Requirements for data exchange 

WP 2     Analysis of the current state, frequency scale of standards 

WP 3     Analysis of the current state – workflow 

WP 4     To-be-analysis workflow 

WP 5     Implementation guideline 

WP 6     Semantic interoperability 

WP 7     Demonstration center 

WP 8     Knowledge platform 

WP 9     WebCalculator 

WP 10   eLearning and certification 

WP 11   Prefiguration transfer of the framework 

WP 12   Project-, risk- and quality management 

WP 13   Public relations (editorial management Web-site, scientific attendance)


 eCG is a joint research project of the following partners: 

Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences Krefeld, Faculty of Health Care (project management) 

Heidelberg University Hospital, Center f. Information- and Medical Technologies (ZIM) 

IHE Germany e.V. 

Federation of German Medical Technology e. V. (BVMed e. V.)